The Sunday Gathering

The Sunday Gathering begins again MAY 3rd at Noon in Fellowship Hall!   Are you in?   After wrestling with the 10 Commandments and then the Beatitudes, we need to lighten up a bit!   We will begin a new study for the next 8-10 weeks that begins with the general question “Just what IS a Methodist?”  We will start with a general Wesley family history before there was such a thing as a “Methodist”; we’ll meet Samuel and Suzanna Wesley, the parents of John and Charles Wesley.  We will then journey on into John Wesley’s story with a sidestep into Charles Wesley before using a great little book from Cokesbury titled “5 Marks of a Methodist” to discuss and develop our own definition.  We will also explore the various Methodist groups such as AME, Free Methodist, Nazarene Methodist.   Peggy Watson will facilitate these discussions and welcomes your contributions and suggestions; we anticipate a lively conversation each week as we explore the Methodist roots and branches.  Let her know if you want to be a part of this great group of men and women so we can have enough materials and books on hand for everyone.

NOTE:  We are discussing a potential class topic for the future that centers on an exploration of the similarities and differences between various Protestant denominations, e.g. Presbyterian, Lutheran, Baptist, Congregational, Church of Christ.  Contact Peggy Watson to help formulate what that class will be.